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Austin Clarke They Never Told Me, and Other Stories: This winner of the Giller, Commonwealth, and Trillium prizes has crafted eight great new stories, in his best collection to date!
Dead North: Canadian Zombie Fiction: Zombies in Canada? You better believe it... Coast to coast across the Great White North! An anthology of 20 stories that will appeal to speculative fiction, horror, and zombie fans; edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.
Alan J Cooper The Second: An exploratory work of fiction in which a trinity of characters clash overthe complex ideologies that shape politics, religion, and spirituality.

Christine Miscione Auxiliary Skins–A Collection of Stories: This writer’s laboratory reveals life in a way to turn the reader’s imagination loose. A fantastic first book by the winner of the Carter V. Cooper/Exile $15,000 Short Fiction Competition, year two.
The Stories That Are Great Within Us: Over the last 60 years, the city of Toronto has been turned upside down and inside out; it’s a place where skyscrapers seem to spawn skyscrapers; it is now brassy, gauche, imposing; a city powered by people of colour and creeds from all over the world–and so too the city’s storytellers, who have given vibrant voice to the city’s character–a cacophony of voices that dare to be themselves, dare to be great... A unique anthology featuring over 40 writers, among them Margaret Atwood, Austin Clarke, Leon Rooke, Anne Michaels, Michael Ondaatje, Katherine Govier and Dionne Brand, plus 10 artists, among them Michael Snow, Sorel Etrog and Charlie Pachter.
Silvia Moreno-Garcia This Strange Way if Dying–Stories of Magic, Desire and the Fantastic: Spanning a variety of genres–fantasy, science fiction, horror–and time periods, Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s exceptional debut collection features short stories infused with Mexican folklore yet firmly rooted in a reality that transforms as the fantastic erodes the rational. The author won the first year of the Carter V. Cooper/Exile $15,000 Short Fiction Competition.

The Exile Book of Yiddish Women Writers: An anthology of stories–in translation; edited by Frieda Johles Forman–that looks to the past so we might see the future. 13 Yiddish women writers, 8 of whom would come to call Canada their home. In translation to English.
The Carter V. Cooper Short Fiction Anthology–Book Three: The finalists from our national short fiction competition that awards $10,000 to the best story by an Emerging Writer, and $5,000 to a Writer at Any Career Point. Gloria Vanderbilt sponsors and judges this Canadian-only Short Fiction Prize.
Morely Callaghan That Summer In Paris (New Edition): The classic memoir featuring his times in 1929 Paris with Hemingway, Fitzgerald, McAlmon, and more...

Mathieu Blais and Joel Casseus Zippo–a dark fururistic novel: More than just a science fiction thriller, this story is a striking testimonial to the stormy beginning of our new century. Translated from French to English by Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo.
Marc Seguin Poacher’s Faith: Marc Morris is many things, but principally a hunter, who is on an obsessional journey to find that something "ellusive" to believe in. Translated from French to English by Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo.
Pierre Gobeil The Death of Marlon Brando: A young boy. An anonymous farmhand. A touching, disturbing, contemporary Heart of Darkness story. Translated from French to English by Steven Urquhart.

Lawren Harris - Contrasts: In the Ward. A book of his poetry and paintings: New and expanded edition. Group of Sevenpainter Lawren Harris’s poetry and paintings take the reader on a unique historical journey that offers a glimpse of our country’s past as it was during early urbanization.

Vladimir Azarov Mongolian Etudes: Told by way of letters, poems and prose pieces, Mongolian Etudes is a wonderful, idiosyncratic look at Soviet life as witnessed from the edge of that totalitarian empire.
Vladimir Azarov Night Out: A tribute to the architects and visionaries who have had a hand in shaping what holds the world together.
Vladimir Azarov and Barry Callaghan Strong Words: Alexander Pushkin, Anna Akhmatova and Andrei Voznesensky the three great Russian poets who have profoundly influenced Western culture, and these thoughtful, careful, masterful translations–in a bilingual edition–bring their work to the North American reader. Art by Amadeo Modigliani, Alexander Pushkin, Nikolai Tyrsa, Andrei Voznesensky and Claire Weissman Wilks.


2012 Fiction
Leon Rooke Wide World In Celebration and Sorrow: A fantastic collection of subversive, edgy, and wildly entertaining stories.
Gloria Vanderbilt The Things We Fear Most: Stories that are touching, surprising, and told in a beautifully calibrated prose, from narratives of passionate love through enigmatic truths of defeat.
Darlene Madott Stations of the Heart: A startling sequence of interconnected love stories that explore the personal journeys women take.
Philip Graubart Rabbis and Gangsters: A murder/suspense mystery novel rooted in the textures and complexities of modern Jewish life, set in a desert suburb of the United States.
CVC Anthology Book Two: The 12 shortlisted writers from the annual Vanderbilt/Exile Short Fiction Competition appear in this anthology of great stories.
The Complete Stories of Morley Callaghan Volumes One - Four: Four volumes collect and present the short fiction of Morley Callaghan. Part of the Exile Classics Series, with Introductions, and on-end sections featuring Questions for Discussion, Related Reading, and online resources.

2012 Non-fiction
James Clarke The Kid From Simcoe Street: In this moving World War II era memoir the author recounts growing up in the poor and alcohol-ridden neighborhood of a small Ontario town. The book also contains a selection from his seven books of poetry.
Norman Snider How To Make Love To A Movie Star: This book discusses the art of writing a screenplay: instructions and insights based on the author’s 25 years as a screenwriter, and the lectures he offers at the University of Toronto.
Eric Weissman Dignity In Exile: This insightful book draws on video documentation, photography, field notes and correspondences to present a powerful photo-ethnographic journey about homelessness. Photographs by Nigel Dickson.

2012 Poetry and Drama

Vladimr Azarov Dinner With Catherine the Great: Providing a rare and creative sense of authority’s various faces, this collection of poems by Russian architect/Canadian poet Vladimir Azarov travels from intellectual and artistic power to philosophical, military, and imperial power; and above all, personal influence.
Marilyn Bowering Soul Mouth: Writing that will renew one’s faith in the simple strength and beauty of well-crafted poems, or even that such writing still exists.
Daniel David Moses A Small Essay on the Largeness of Light and Other Poems: This collection is imaginative, illuminating and a delightful feast of poems that explores nature, mythology, perception, desire, youth, aging and the self.
Lawrence Jeffery Frenchtown: A drama exploring Shanghai and its residents in the time between Tiananmen Square and the return of Hong Kong to mainland China.


2011 Fiction
Beverly Akerman with her story collection of redeeming and redemption The Meaning of Children
Claude Tatilon’s bittersweet tale of a childhood in Provence under Nazi occupation A Pinch of Time
Greg Kearney’s twelve pretty stories of decidedly un-pretty lives Pretty
and Jesus Hardwell’s powerful prose collection, Easy Living - stories
And, recent nonfiction with Larry Zolf’s memoir The Dialectical Dancer
CVC Anthology Book One : The 10 shortlisted writers from the inaugural Vanderbilt/Exile Short Fiction Competition appear in this anthology.


Recent releases of fiction by D.O. Dodd with the provocative novel JEW
Jonathan Papernick’s vibrant story collection There Is No Other
and Leon Rooke’s novella which takes place in Scotland and written in Glasweigian slang, Pope and Her Lady


The Exile Book of.... anthology series, and, The Exile Silver Screen Series:

Native Canadian Fiction and Drama and Priests, Pastors, Nuns and Pentecostals.

The original screenplay of Casino Jack which also includes the Director’s photo library and introction, film stills, and more.

Recent poetry: Traumatology, by Priscila Uppal, Downriver by M.T. Kelly (also includes a short memoir and story)
Meaghan Strimas’ A Good Time Had By All
Antony Di Nardo’s Soul on Standby and Tattoo Land by Kathleen McCracken


A new Poetry CD from Daniel David Moses, featuring eleven works in compact disk format.


Released in 2009, Three Anthologies in the new The Exile Book of... Series:

Canadian Dog Stories featuring 28 Canadian fiction authors, edited by Richard Teleky
20 Canadian Poets Take On the World is a multilingual collection with original language faced by the translation
Canadian Sports Stories features two dozen sports fictions presented by 26 writers, edited by Priscila Uppal


Three distinctive Novels that build upon Exile’s long tradition of presenting the best in fiction

This novel draws the reader in page by page... it is a masterful epic in its approach... Melissa Hardy’s Broken Road
An international tale that jumps continents, paced by greed, family obsesion, passion, and winner-take-all obsession! Gale Zoë Garnett’s Savage Adoration
Martha Bátiz reveals the delicate entanglements of the stage, love and deceit that is the foundation of a performer’s life in The Wolf’s Mouth


Seven recent releases build up the increasingly popular Exile Classics Series

Morley Callaghan’s Governor General Award winnerThe Loved and the Lost
Gerard Bessette’s provocative tale Not for Every Eye
M.T. Kelly’s A Dream Like Mine was a Governor General Award winner
Marie-Claire Blais’ fifth and sixth books in the series are Anna’s World,
and her Governor General Award winner The Manuscripts of Pauline Archange
(which incorporates for the first time Durer’s World, her intended third book in this trilogy)
Gwendolyn MacEwen’s masterful translation of Euripedes’ classic, tragic play Trojan Women
The Montreal Automatist’s groundbreaking manifesto, translated into English, with 28 B&W photos: Refus Global/Total Refusal


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FICTION - from our Exile Classics Series
Marie-Claire Blais - A SEASON IN THE LIFE OF EMMANUEL • Marie-Claire Blais - THE WOLF • Austin Clarke - IN THIS CITY • Austin Clarke - THERE ARE NO ELDERS • Morley Callaghan - THE NEW YORKER STORIES

Leon Rooke - OH! TWENTY-SEVEN STORIES • Lisa Foad - THE NIGHT IS A MOUTH (Winner ReLit Award) • Pablo Neruda - 100 LOVE SONNETS • Gwendolyn MacEwen - THE SELECTED GWENDOLYN MACEWEN • Priscila Uppal - ONTOLOGICAL NECESSITIES (shortlisted for the $50,000 Griffin Prize)

Norman Snider - THE ROARING EIGHTIES AND OTHER GOOD TIMES • Morley Callaghan - A LITERARY LIFE: Reminiscences and Reflections 1928-1990 • Joe Rosenblatt - THE LUNATIC MUSE • Daniel David Moses - THE INDIAN MEDICINE SHOWS


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