Found in our Year-by-Year Catalogued Lists (2006 - 1976) are our CURRENTprices for each Direct-from-Publisher / Mint Condition book we offer for online purchase.
Also worth noting is that where other online retailers charge for S&H, we include those costs in our listed retail prices: we pay for Applicable Taxes/First Class Postage for Canadians, or Air Mail Postage/Customs for the U.S. and Other countries – in other words, for what the book costs at the store, you can get it delivered to your house for the same price!

Other more rare books are priced accordingly – and for these we display current,, and/or other online retialer prices for comparison. And FYI, any of these books can be found through other online retailers – good condition to yellowed and rabbit-eared – but for discerning customers, we guarantee the best product for your money! (And again, S&H included!)

All books are availble for purchase by cheque/check/money order, or via PayPal (all prices using PayPal quoted in $U.S.) – note: these two payment options are offered beneath each book’s cover image, found in each particular year’s Catalogue Main Page.

NOTE: Cataloguing of 2006 - 2000 is available. 1999 - 1976 will become available through early 2007.

Questions: contact us by e-mail – E-MAIL US AT EXILE


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