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A hair-raising and suspense-filled novel by an utterly original writer "whose work bristles with the energy needed to make fiction out of human conflict and need." –The Globe and Mail

Jon Papernick’s portrayal of the upper middle-class Matthew Stone, and his entanglement with an Ultra Orthodox Zionist terrorist cell in Brooklyn, is a suspense-filled page-turner!
Matthew, the alienated grandson of a Jewish trigger man for Murder Incorporated, discovers that his father – a dishonored N.Y. judge – has not only been a supporter of the extreme right wing in Israel, but he has kept a secret bank account to support pro-Israeli terrorist activities. And it is how to access the mysterious truths inherent in the bank account that constitutes the core of this fast-driving, hair-raising novel.
Papernick, through thoughtful characterization, defines the terrifying distinctions that have to be drawn between religious faith and religious zealotry, distinctions that in the end are morally devastating.

"There is a muscular certainty to ... Papernick’s penetrating, clear-sighted stories." –Noah Richler, New York Times
"A writer of enormous talent, originality, and wit ... with a personal intensity, a condensed fury, a simmering rage, that leaves the reader stunned and stirred. This is master writing by a wonderful talent." –Moment Magazine
"Papernick joins a handful of young writers such as Nathan Englander, Dara Horn, and Jonathan Safran Foer who have been steadily redefining not only the range but also the very substance of contemporary Jewish writing." –Hadassah Magazine


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Who by Fire, Who by Blood - Jon Papernick
Fiction 6x9; 346 pages: ISBN 978-1-55096-102-7
$29.95CDN/$26.95US (hard cover)



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