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"Short stories with clever twists and turns that took me on a marvellous ride from start to finish. A strong second book by a young writer to keep your eye on!" –Austin Clarke

Bursting with verve, comedy and peculiarity, Mark Paterson’s second collection of short fiction stimulates the imagination in refreshing and unexpected ways. From a loner who uses the mosh pit as a confessional, to a cross-dressing neophyte prowling the aisles of the local supermarket, to a diner owner who garnishes every dish on his menu with chopped-up hot dog wieners, to a group of teens who co-opt an arcade security camera for their own inventive purposes, these characters navigate an increasingly uncertain world with resourcefulness and guts, carving out enhanced existences one tiny victory at a time.

"Fiction from just the other side of normal." –Hour, Montreal
"Paterson’s unique blend of tenderness, humour and horror is entirely engaging." –Montreal Gazette


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A Finely Tuned Apathy Machine - Mark Paterson
Fiction 6x9; 158 pages: ISBN 978-1-55096-087-7
$19.95CDN/$17.95US (paperback)



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