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Considered to be one of the premier journalists in Canada by Peter C. Newman, Norman Snider’s writings on literature, politics, crime, sports, jazz – and more – appeared regularly in Toronto Life, Saturday Night, Macleans, and Rolling Stone.
"Rare and gripping . . . a timely writer." –The Globe and Mail

As a journalist Norman Snider shows extraordinary range and diversity, and this collection of non-fiction runs a wonderful gamut of subjects: portraits of pianist Glenn Gould and politicians Jean Chretien, Brian Mulroney, John Turner and Joe Clark; an exposť on the murder of heiress Nancy Eaton; a recollection of a trip to Los Angeles with renowned filmmaker David Cronenberg; an exploration of the realities of Canadian peacekeepers abroad; critical essays on Robertson Davies, Joyce Carol Oates, Saul Bellow, Morley Callaghan, Edmund Wilson and others; as well as articles on cocaine dealers, the music of Miles Davis and Wynton Marsalis, travels to Mexico, and the title fight in Las Vegas between late Canadian heavyweight champion Trevor Berbick and world champ Larry Holmes. This collection displays the best work of one of our leading cultural commentators!

"Norman Snider is a brave and eloquent writer; his articles a delight to read, he represents the best of our liberal traditions which made Canada admired throughout the world." –Stephen Vizinczey
"These selections are thoughtfully and insightfully written, and delve deeply into the subjects they pursue. Who else other than Norman Snider could have captured an essential decade of our history so convincingly?!" –Michael Keefer


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The Roaring Eighties and Other Good Times - Norman Snider
Non-Fiction/Essays 6x9; 350 pages: ISBN 978-1-55096-093-8
$29.95CDN/$26.95US (hard cover)

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