Gabriel García Márquez wrote that Pablo Neruda was "the greatest poet of the twentieth century — in any language."
Pablo Neruda, the great Chilean poet, the Nobel Laureate, is still — some decades after his death — one of the most influential poets in the world. He was important, of course, because his work was so politically engaged, and so he came to popularity in North America during the turmoil of the Sixties. But in Chile he was equally cherished for his sensual and erotic poetry. His most singular work — aside from The Heights of Macchu Picchu — was Cien sonetos de amor (100 Love Sonnets), published in 1959. These sonnets, that stand beside Dante, beside Shakespeare, have been available in English only in a totally inadequate translation — but now, and in recognition of the recent 100th anniversary of Neruda’s birth, we have a superb translation that captures his spirit and verbal dexterity.
"The finest translation of Pablo Neruda available anywhere!" –Catherine Bacque: International Baccalaureate Educator

100 LOVE SONNETS - Pablo Neruda - English & Spanish Edition
Exile Classics Series - Number Six
Translated by Gustavo Escobedo
Introduction by Rosemary Sullivan
Cover and Interior Paintings by Gabriela Campos
Poetry - • 6x9 • 225 pages
(pb) $24.95

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