TROJAN WOMEN by Gwendolyn MacEwen. Introduction by Claudia Dey A Trio of Timeless Works $19.95 - 152 pages.
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The Trojan Women is the great ancient theatre piece by Euripides in a new version by Gwendolyn MacEwen.

Helen and Orestes are two long poems by the contemporary Greek poet, Yannis Ritsos, who was nominated for the Nobel Prize - translated by Gwendolyn MacEwen with Nikos Tsingos.

As Margaret Atwood has written, "It’s significant that MacEwen would choose to translate The Trojan Women and Helen texts, for after all, they are filled with the plaint of women, their powerlessness, their victimization, and a sense of isolation... The vocabulary of these translations is so much MacEwen’s own that they seem almost to have been written by her. These translations are deeply felt. "

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