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The annual $15,000 Vanderbilt/Exile Short Fiction Competition is open to all Canadian writers, with two prizes awarded: $10,000 prize for the best story by an emerging writer, and a $5,000 prize for the best story by a writer at any point of her/his career. Hundreds of stories were received in 2011-12, and from the 12 that eventually were shortlisted, the competition’s sponsor, Ms Gloria Vanderbilt, selected the winners, being those that most appealed to her, as a writer, as a reader, and as a lover of the written word on paper. The twelve shortlisted are presented in the annual CVC Anthology, a special edition published in memory of her son, Carter V. Cooper. In year two, she could not decide between two writers, and so awarded three prizes. About the winners, she this to say... Christine Miscione: I greatly admire the pared-down writing of "Skin, Just." It hits gut bone. A haunting story, truly amazing. Not a word amiss. I kept thinking about it long after my reading. And still do. Leon Rooke: I was mesmerized by the cantilevered complexities of "Here Comes Henrietta Armani." The unexpected turns it takes, raising a maze of contradicting questions. The conclusion — brilliant — mysterious — perfect. Seán Virgo: I love the fairy tale quality of "Gramarye," turning that which is real into that which is unreal and by doing so merging both into the only reality. A magical story beautifully told.

The writers are: Christine Miscione, Leon Rooke, Kelly Watt, Darlene Madott, Linda Rogers, Daniel Perry, Amy Stuart, Phil Della, Jacqueline Windh, Kris Bertin, Martha Bátiz, Seán Virgo


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