TO PURCHASE THIS BOOK: THE DEATH OF MARLON BRANDO by Pierre Gobeil, translated by Steven Urquhart. $16.95, 144 pages.
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This novel brings to life a powerfully suggestive story in which the narrator attempts to convey the indescribable feeling of being stalked on his father’s farm by the new employee.

As a contemporary twist on Heart of Darkness, this touching and disturbing novel tells the tale of a young boy and his coming of age against a backdrop of abandonment, betrayal, and the loss of innocence. The reader is drawn into what is at the heart of the human psyche, the contemporary theme of the abuse of a child treated in a subtle and suggestive way.

The Death of Marlon Brando is nothing short of a modern masterpiece. You’ll want to read it again to see what you only thought you were seeing the first time.

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