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This is a unique historical journey that offers readers a glimpse into our country’s past as it was. Renowned Group of Seven painter Lawren Harris boldly brings to us, by way of poetry and painting, a unique perspective on our early urbanization...

In 1922, while the Group of Seven was emerging as a national phenomenon, Lawren Harris published his only book of poems — Contrasts — the first modernist exploration of Canadian urban space in verse. Harris also wandered the streets of Toronto, sketching and creating a powerful set of city paintings. Lawren Harris — Contrasts: In the Ward brings together for the first time Harris’ original book of poems, and sixteen colour images of the artist’s early urban paintings in this compact, beautiful-to-hold-and-read, genre-crossing collection. The book also contains a fourteen-page walking tour of the "relics of Lawren Harris’ Toronto," including historical and biographical tidbits, as well as sections of further readings in relation to Harris, the Group of Seven, Toronto and the Ward, and other Toronto walks, over 65 questions for discussion, and a complete listing of the paintings that provides details on size, medium and current location. Unlike any other book on Harris, this 168-page edition offers a new view of Harris’ pre-Group of Seven career, while presenting an exciting window into city life at the turn of the century.

"This small album of poetry, paintings, and biographical walking tour ought to be on every 'Welcome to Toronto' (and 'Canada') book list. Gregory Betts’ smart, illustrative writing, which convinces by style as well as content, and Exile Editions’ winning presentation, combine to make Lawren Harris: In the Ward a fresh look at the early work of one of Canada’s most iconic modernists." —Open Book Toronto

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