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Night Out is Vladimir Azarov’s tribute to the architects and visionaries who have had a hand in shaping his inner landscape. From Van Gogh and Gauguin’s tempestuous relationship in Arles to the dichotomies of modern-day Tokyo where the bustle of a giant metropolis is set against the Zen calm of monks and cathedral builders, Night Out is a celebration of what holds the world together. Vladimir Azarov is by trade an architect, but by nature a poet, and his poetry celebrates the spirit that resides at the core of great artifice.

Vladimir Azarov is an architect and poet, formerly from Moscow, who lives in Toronto. His collections of poetry include Dinner With Catherine the Great (with Exile Editions), Of Life and Other Small Sacrifices, Imitation, The Kiss from Mary Pickford: Cinematic Poems, and Voices in Dialogue: Dramatic Poems.

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