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Marc Morris is many things, but he is principally a hunter.

Half Mohawk, half Caucasian, he is filled with a deep bitterness fuelled by disillusionment. As he freely admits, he kills animals so he won’t kill men. And yet, he has faith — or, at least, faith in faith. He truly wants to believe, whether it’s in the ideology of Christianity that leads him to spend two years in a seminary, or in the love of a woman that draws him to Emma, his girlfriend and mother of his little girl, Elmyna... he desperately wants to dedicate his life to something!

The story begins on the day after Marc’s failed suicide attempt, and traces back through the ten years preceding this event, during which he criss-crossed Canada and the United States, driving thousands of kilometres in his pickup to physically trace out the giant "FUCK YOU" that he determinedly felt-tipped on his road map. Along his obsessional journey, he hunts/poaches big game, searches for love in all the cliched wrong places, while striving to find that elusive "something" to believe in.

Winner of the Prix litteraire des collegiens 2010
Finalist for the Prix des libraires du Quebec 2010

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