$19.95 - 216 pages.

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From writer, artist and philanthropist, Gloria Vanderbilt, who sponsors one of the largest literary prizes in Canada, and who supports this unique Canadians-only short fiction publication. ":I am proud and thrilled that all these wonderful writers are presented in the CVC Anthology. Carter, my son, Anderson Cooper’s brother, was just 23 when he died in 1988. He was a promising editor, writer, and, from the time he was a small child, a voracious reader. When a child dies, just as his adult life is beginning, in addition to the overwhelming grief, his family and friends are left with many unanswerable questions. I often wonder what would he be doing? What kind of man would he have become? If Carter were alive he would be 49 years old now. Some things are not knowable, of course, but I do know Carter would still be in love with writing, with words, and with stories. Carter came from a family of storytellers, and stories were a guide which helped him discover the world. Though I, and those who loved Carter, still hear his voice in our heads and in our hearts, my sonıs voice was silenced long ago. I hope this prize helps other writers find their voice, and helps them touch othersı lives with the mystery and magic of the written word." A selection from the 34 contributors who have appeared: Austin Clarke, Priscila Uppal, Richard Van Camp, Greg Hollingshead, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Kelly Watt, Darlene Madott, Jacqueline Windh, Martha Batiz, Leigh Nash, Leon Rooke, Rishma Dunlop, Christine Miscione, Ken Stange and Sean Virgo.


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