HOLLYWOOD: A New York Love Story by Marc Séguin, translated by Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo.

  $19.95 - 184 pages.

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A man’s future, full of promise and the joys of a shared life, are found and then lost when a stray bullet kills the woman he loves on Christmas Eve. The distraught father-to-be wanders New York’s streets as he tries to make sense of how this tragic event has changed his life forever. Rescue comes by way of a loving husband and wife, living by choice on the margins of society after having turned their backs on America’s shallow "Hollywood" dreams – a "reality" that so many are realizing is just that, a dream.

Born in 1970, Marc Séguin divides his time between his home in Montreal and his Brooklyn, New York, studio. He has exhibited his art (the cover of Poacheršs Faith is his work) at the most prestigious contemporary exhibitions and fairs, including those held in Venice, Basel, New York and Miami. Poacher’s Faith, in translation with ExileEditions, is his first novel.


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