WE WASN’T PALS: Canadian Poetry and Prose of the First World War editoed by Bruce Meyer and Barry Callaghan.

  $19.95, discounted 20%: $15.95 - 304 pages.

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For decades the literature of Canada’s s experience in World War One lay ignored and was dismissed by readers, critics, and literary historians. Here, at last, is the imaginative testimony of those who served in the trenches and hospitals of the Great War. These pages chronicle the struggle to put into words the horrors, the insights, and the tribulations that ultimately shaped a nation’s s character. In the voices of Frank Prewett, James Hanley, Stephen Leacock, W. Redvers Dent, nurse Bertha Carveth, fighter pilot Hartley Munro Thomas, and other members of a generation that gave their lives and their souls to the war, We Wasn’s t Pals is the first anthology since 1918 of poetry, fiction, essays, songs, and illustrations that adds an important new chapter to Canada’s s literature.
End sections feature Biographies, Glossary, Related Reading, and Questions for Discussion.


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