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A must-read for individuals, families, health care professionals and legal advisors. New Edition, with updates, additions, new final chapter.

A fascinating book that is much more than a tragic personal story, more than a picture of how brain injuries will strain relationships with family, co-workers, health care professionals and a legal system not adequately empowered to respond to an individual’s needs, let alone the thousands who have suffered long after their initial injury. All too often it seems few are able to overcome the adversities of such situations, to move on with their life, or to ultimately find peace within themselves... but Alan J Cooper has done that with this book, reflecting on his life, so that his words may offer help and guidance to the many brain-injured people and their loved ones.

"Alan J Cooper has captured the complex and intertwining tragedies of a brain-injured person... As a lawyer, I can speak to the potential for a failure of justice where injury impairments are not understood. BRAIN INJURY should be a mandatory reading for every Canadian and U.S. lawyer and student of law whose actions affect brain-injured persons." –Anne Simpson, Q.C.

Alan J Cooper embarked on a writing career after being struck by an impaired driver and incurring a severe brain injury. He holds five degrees from the University of Toronto, including a Master of Religious Education and a Master of Education. He is a public speaker, and his articles have appeared in Canadian journals, as well as the Globe and Mail. The author lives in Toronto.


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