EXTRA ILLICIT SONNETS George Elliott Clarke.

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The newly appointed Poet Laureate for Canada delivers insouciant exuberance, bawdy gaudiness, and classicist formalism.
Five drawings by Claire Weissman Wilks.

Extra Illicit Sonnets chronicles a love affair between a man and a woman of different complexions, cultures, continents, and generations, Sonia Fuentes of Andorra and Luca Xifona of Canada. She is Catalan in heritage; and he is Maltese. She is a Boomer and he is of Generation Y-Not. The poetry consists mainly of unrhymed–or blank–sonnets. It is transcendent and dangerous verse because it addresses humanity’s most complex and volatile emotion: passion. Extra Illicit Sonnets bares the naked truth behind Illicit Sonnets (2013).

Clarke’s many honours include the Portia White Prize for Artistic Achievement (1998), Governor General’s Award for Poetry (2001), National Magazine Gold Medal for Poetry (2001), Eric Hoffer Book Award for Poetry (2009), Poesis Premiul (2006, Romania), appointment to the Order of Nova Scotia (2006), appointment to the Order of Canada at the rank of Officer (2008), and eight honorary doctorates. He is a pioneering scholar of African-Canadian literature and is the E.J. Pratt Professor of Canadian Literature at the University of Toronto, having previously held posts at Duke, Yale and McGill Universities. The author lives in Toronto.


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