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"What beautiful poems. I deeply consider him one of the best Toronto-based new poets." –Goran Simic

This collection of poetry explores interrelatedness, the intellectual and the ubiquitous with lyrical vision. There are wonderful moments in every poem, expressions of morphogenesis, as explored through the visions of homeless people as visiting preachers, the person as uncomfortable traveller, the various voices that speak to us through history and myth, hallucinating street people singing to vegetables, a plane crash at an air show, and a recounting of the end of the medieval Cathar and Albigensian crusades. These are just a few of the topics the author encounters with remarkable wit and ingenuity.

"Ewan Whyte’s poems are literally transporting. They take us to universes of love and tolerance by way of stations we might easily label Understanding and Further Understanding." –Molly Peacock, author of Paradise Piece by Piece

(On his poem Night bus) "This is what happens in a night bus, travelling between the cities: 'running shadows of memory, falling stars of sorrow, whispers of presence, poetry.' Perfect!" –Tomasz Rozycki, Griffin Poetry Prize finalist Ewan Whyte has had essays, art criticism, poetry, and translations published in North American journals and magazines, the Globe and Mail and the Literary Review of Canada. His translations of Catullus was published in 2005. The author lives in Toronto.


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