LAST WORDS Hugh Graham.

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Winner of the 2014 $10,000 Award in the Carter V. Cooper Short Fiction Competition.

Hugh Graham captures the passage of years, the progression of accumulation and recurrence, the present as dammed-up history. Without warning, a world on the road to epiphany. And that world, threatened with disaster. Figures emerge, often from twilight. Children who do not fear death, travellers doomed to inertia, concupiscent women, bloody-minded intellectuals, haunted drunks, decaying diplomats, and Death as the man in the attic room. In the end, the gaze of a child become a man. Eleven stories of clarity and dark empathy.

"A truly decisive and impressive collection of stories that breaks away from the contemporary formulas of story writing." –Leon Rooke, author of 30-plus books, and Governor Generalšs Award winner."

"Graham excels at writing about the common circumstances of individuals in clear, truthful ways. His prose opens up shared experience, one that is revelatory." –Austin Clarke, winner of the Giller, Trillium, Commonwealth and Writers’ Trust prizes. Toronto Star and the Walrus, and his fiction has appeared in Descant, The Antigonish Review, The Fiddlehead, ELQ/Exile Quarterly and New Quarterly. He has twice been short listed and once won the Carter V. Cooper Short Fiction Competition, those stories then appearing in CVC1, CVC4, and CVC5. He has published two books with Exile Editions: Ploughing the Seas, a first-person account of CIA operations in northern Costa Rica during the war in Nicaragua, and the gothic black comedy in dramatic form Where the Sun Don’t Shine. The author lives in Toronto.


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