IN A TIME OF NO SONG George Elliott Clarke.

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Introduction by A.F. Moritz

There is a mysterious ease in this riot of sensuality that extends and plunges into myriad modes of existence. Silence, song, and the sacred inspire the lambent language, achieving an eloquent grandeur in the way the author animates each poem, constantly connecting the outer with the inner, the familiar with the distant, the limited with the vast, the realm of thought with the realm of life, non-sentient things with sentient ones. In a Time of No Song is a visionary poetry collection by a compelling, charismatic voice, the beauty between and in the words, weightless. Previous praise: His poetry crackles with prophetic energy (Canadian Literature); Potent and persuasive (Lawrence Ferlinghetti, City Lights, San Francisco); "A display of verbal pyrotechnics such as I’ve never seen before" (Irving Layton), and "a master poet, eloquent and erudite" (CBC).

Jeff Bien is an internationally acclaimed poet and musician, and highly regarded meditation, consciousness and spiritual practitioner. His work has been published, translated and performed in more than thirty countries. He is the author of numerous books which have received critical acclaim in Canada and abroad, and his poetry has been the recipient of many awards. Along with this newest collection of poetry, he is completing two new books of prose, Songs of Non-Separation: Teachings on Consciousness and Spirituality, and Undressing the Illusion: Letters to a Young Mystic. The author lives in Kemptville, Ontario.


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