PLAYGROUND OF LOST TOYS Edited by Ursula Pflug and Colleen Anderson

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The Exile Book of Anthology Series: Number Eleven. Edited and Introduced by Colleen Anderson and Ursula Pflug. Afterword by Derek Newman-Stille.

Those who forget about a special, once important object, have lost a valuable, perhaps even crucial memory...because, in the end, something central to our younger self resides in that lost "toy."

A dynamic collection of stories that explore the mystery, wonder, awe and even dread that can arise from one’s experience with a special toy. This is the world as we may think we know it, on to the edges of space, all where games are for keeps and the mind plays games of its own. Worlds where magic may not have been lost, toy plays winner-take-all, and computers and gods vie for the upper hand; enter realities where dolls, stuffies, wooden games of skill, and ancient artifacts are misinterpreted; encounter items that seek life, or even revenge. An incredible scope of tales about companionship, loss, revenge, hope, murder, cunning, and love, all unearthed in this communal sandbox.

Colleen Anderson has published over 200 pieces of fiction and poetry. She co-edited Tesseracts 17 and new works are in Polu Texni, New Canadian Noir, Black Treacle and Heroic Fantasy Quarterly. She lives in Vancouver.
Ursula Pflug is the award-winning author of the novels Green Music, The Alphabet Stones and Motion Sickness, as well as story collections After the Fires and Harvesting the Moon, and she edited They Have to Take You In. She lives in Norwood, Ontario.

Authors: Chris Kuriata, Joe Davies, Catherine MacLeod, Kate Story, Meagan Whan, Candas Jane Dorsey, Rati Mehrotra, Nathan Adler, Rhonda Eikamp, Robert Runté, Linda DeMeulemeester, Kevin Cockle, Claude Lalumière, Dominik Parisien, dvsduncan, Christine Daigle, Melissa Yuan-Innes, Shane Simmons, Lisa Carreiro, Karen Abrahamson, Geoffrey W. Cole and Alex C. Renwick.


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