CVC6 Selected and with a Preface by Gloria Vanderbilt

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THE CARTER V. COOPER SHORT FICTION ANTHOLOGY SERIES, BOOK SIX The finalists from the Gloria Vanderbilt/Anderson Cooper-sponsored national short fiction competition that annually awards $10,000 to the best story by an Emerging Writer, and $5,000 to a Writer at Any Career Point. This volume presents the 13 shortlisted writers for 2016: Leon Rooke, Norman Snider, Helen Marshall, Katherine Govier, Bruce Meyer, Sheila McClarty, Caitlin Laura Galway, Martha Bátiz, A.L. Bishop, Diana Svennes-Smith, Matthew Heiti, Frank Westcott and Sang Kim.

From the Preface by writer, artist and philanthropist, Gloria Vanderbilt, who sponsors one of the largest literary prizes in Canada, and who supports this unique Canadians-only short fiction publication: "I founded the Carter V. Cooper short fiction competition in memory of my son, and to champion literature, which he had loved.

It is one of the great joys of parenthood to behold, in astonishment and surprise, the depth and complexity of your children as they emerge into themselves. In that spirit, I cannot help but admire the writers who comprise Book Six of the Carter V. Cooper Short Fiction Anthology Series.

If all writing is borne of a singular yearning, these stories – in genre, range, tone and interest – are utterly their own. Together, they form our most diverse and striking collection to date.

About the winners, I have this to say: 'Tilting at Wind-mills' – by emerging writer Matthew Heiti – is a brash, volatile story of excess and high melancholy. I was stunned by its ferocity and deep forlornness. The winner of the established category, Helen Marshall’s 'The Gold Leaf Executions,' is at once exquisite and deft. Beyond its precision in craftsmanship, it pierces the heart without remorse. It is a marvellous story from a writer who also appeared in both our 2013 and 2014 collections while an emerging writer.

In these two winners, and indeed in all of the stories gathered here, there is no doubting the intensity of their passions. It is a privilege to witness."


Notable previous winners/shortlisted: among the emerging writers are Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Christine Miscione, Veronica Gaylie, Matthew R. Loney (all with follow-up books from Exile Editions), Lisa Foad, Leigh Nash, and Amy Stuart; among the established writers are Austin Clarke, George McWhirter, Hugh Graham (all with follow-up books from Exile Editions), Nicholas Ruddock, Linda Rogers, Josip Novakovich, Greg Hollingshead, Richard Van Camp, Seán Virgo and Priscila Uppal.


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