CLOCKWORK CANADA: STEAMPUNK FICTION. The Exile Book of Anthology Series: Number Twelve Edited by Dominik Parisien.

  $17.95 (10% pre-order discount off regular $19.95; price includes S&H and taxes) 304 pages.

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We welcome you to an alternate Canada, where steam technology and the wonders and horrors of the mechanical age have reshaped the past into something both wholly familiar yet compellingly different. These fifteen supercharged all-new tales reimagine Canadian historical events, explore alternate Canadas, and gather inspiration from the northern landscape to make us wonder: what if history had gone a different way? Experience steam-powered buffalo women roaming the plains; join extraordinary men and women striking out on their own or striving to build communities; marvel as giant rampaging spirits are thwarted by a miniscule timepiece; cringe when a great clock chimes and the Seven O’Clock Man appears to terrorize a village in Quebec; witness a Maritime scientist develop a deadly weapon that could change the course of the American Civil War.

Authors: Colleen Anderson, Karin Lowachee, Brent Nichols, Charlotte Ashley, Chantal Boudreau, Rhea Rose, Kate Story, Terri Favro, Kate Heartfield, Claire Humphrey, Rati Mehrotra, Tony Pi, Holly Schofield, Harold R. Thompson, Michal Wojcik.

Dominik Parisien is an editor, poet, and writer. He and Navah Wolfe co-edited The Starlit Wood (Simon & Schuster’s Saga Press, May 1), and has worked on anthologies with Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, including The Time Traveler’s Almanac, Sisters of the Revolution, and The Bestiary. Find him online at


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