THE WAY OF ARTStephen Zeifman

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Stephen Zeifman, artist and teacher of studio art and art history, and the founder of Mill Road Studio, discusses his unique approach to art. He talks about being an artist, and about the importance of having a focus driven not by commerce but rather by the challenges of engaging in a creative practice.

The book takes the reader on a personal tour, like moving through a grand exhibition, each chapter a new hall of exploration and discovery. But this is not yet another dry academic explanation of art, instead Zeifman uses his museum visits in Toronto, San Francisco and London as catalysts for discussion and interpretation. By way of theory, history and anecdotes, he relates his experiences, describing the works being seen and his responses to them.

He also outlines the steps a person might take if they wish to learn how to draw, as a furthering of intimately participating in the fine arts.

Ultimately, Zeifman’s insights envelop the reader in the variety and texture, the exuberance and joy, and the constant challenges of living with one’s eyes wide open to the way of art.

Stephen Zeifman believes that the experience of art can add dimension to, and enhance, a person’s quality of life. While in his 20s, a motorcycle trip through Europe opened his eyes to art and architecture he had never been exposed to, nor had opportunity to understand and appreciate. Soon after, he changed his academic focus to the history of art. Four decades later, he continues his life as an artist and art teacher.
He lives in Port Rexton, Newfoundland.


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