OUR NEW WEBSITE! A publishing company’s website plays a very important and vital role. Not only is it the online "face" of the house, but it is how – via monitor, tablet, or smartphone – the public accesses information on current, recent and back list titles; e-commerce for print books and ebook titles in ePUB, MOBI and PDF formats; literary competitions, grant opportunities, mentorship programs and internships; current news and book reviews; how to submit writing and art; a video/photo gallery; updated launch/events info; how to advertise, etc.

We’re currently in the process of a complete upgrade/redesign, under development from March through mid-May of 2017 – and in doing so, we say a long-overdue but fond farewell to our old site. This page (below) displays both actual forthcoming website pages, and back-end aspects of the Exile Editions site – to be part of a comprehensive new site, which will interconnect three groups related by their shared cultural activities: Exile Editions and its over 500 books to date, ELQ Magazine (Exile: The Literary Quarterly) and its 200-plus literary journals to date, and The Excesis Group, a non-profit and charitable organization dedicated to presenting cultural forums for matters vital to Canadians.

Note: these are screen capture images, and some details may be blurred.



Administration back-end, shows Excelsis, Exile Quarterly and Exile Editions.



Actual page for a User’s Account, which keeps details on their history;
recently viewed books; purchases; etc.



Actual page for when a user searches/finds an author/book, with add to cart option.
"Related Products" appear at bottom.



Actual pages. Three-step e-commerce process to find a book; add to cart; ordering/checkout.



Administration back-end; how we set up product/book and order pages.



Administration back-end of the Media Library, through which covers and graphics are uploaded/placed.



Administration back-end for selecting how data (Pages and Posts) is shared via Social Media.



Administration back-end for selecting plug-ins that allows aspects of the site to function.



This website flowchart represents the basic structure of the coming sites.

We also thank KOBO Canada, which is our primary sponsor in the building of the new site, and the Excelsis Group Patrons, who support the cultural efforts of all three groups: Margaret Atwood, George Elliott Clarke, the Giles and Julia Ouellette Foundation, Gloria Vanderbilt, the Spark Foundation, David Cronenberg, Anne Michaels, Anna Porter, Charles Pachter, David Staines, and architect Jack Diamond.


A core mandate shared by Exile Editions and ELQ share in supporting and bring to realization: literary creativity; the writer’s process; the encouragement of opportunity; editorial guidance and mentorship; the final print and electronic products.
Our mission is:
• To contribute to the flow and exchange of cultural expression.
• To present writers who reflect Ontario’s and Canada’s multicultural and multiracial make up.
• To publish distinctively Canadian works of literary and speculative fiction, poetry, non-fiction, works in translation, and drama – for national and foreign Trade and Academic markets; in print, tablet, and smartphone editions.
• To engage local, regional and national readers of all ages and backgrounds with a diversity of works by senior, mid-career and new-generation writers.
• To maintain a priority on discovering new and emerging talent, and to offer a mentoring program that pairs established and emerging writers.
• To publish Canadian authors working in other languages – and at times foreign authors – through translations done by Canadians.
• To maintain a reprint program that keeps Canadian-authored books of cultural significance in print, and to annually increase through digitization our back list of titles.
• To post original, high-quality content on our website and via social media.
• To work in partnership with industry-related businesses and individuals so we develop new opportunities that foster an environment of discovery and expression.

The Excelsis Group has an educational mandate to create forums for cultural matters vital to Canadians, including supporting writers, artists, ideas, and thought-provoking conversation. It achieves these goals across multiple platforms: the publishing of ELQ magazine four times a year; a book publishing partnership with Exile Editions that supports throughout the year the publication of Canadian-authored books by people of colour, Native Canadians, minority and marginalized writers, as well as emerging writers; through a mentorship program that pairs established writers with emerging talent; curating the Excelsis Talks, leadership dinners, speakers’s series, and other events across the country; posting original, high-quality content online; and through the support of digital projects such as The Exile eBook Series. The organization also will trains young professionals in media, publishing, and non-profit development.

For general inquiries, please contact us at: E-MAIL EXILE